Monday, 13 June 2011

Ramelius Resources (RMS.AX)

Ramelius does not have any analyst coverage and this analysis is not based on consensus EPS forecasts. The EPS figures below are based on current 2011 production figures and the 2012 figure is an extrapolation based on current trend.

Based on production guidance figures provided by the company, as well as a projection based on current costs, I've come up with some rough workings in an attempt to come up with an approximate EPS figure for 2012 financial year.

Ramelius Resources is an exceptionally profitable company. In the event that they are able to sustainably expand production as planned (growing to 230,000 pa oz by 2013/14) and if they can maintain low production costs, RMS is shaping up to be a fantastic investment which a very large margin of saftey.

Disclosure: I own RMS and originally purchased at $0.82 based on the model.


  1. Excellent Thank you Fish

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